Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would a vendor accept breadcoins?

A: There are multiple incentives to participate:

  • The vendor can redeem breadcoins for cash, make a payment on a Breadcoin small business loan with the breadcoins, or use the breadcoins to purchase food inventory.
  • The vendor has the desire to meet the needs of their community with a portion of the food they prepare.
  • The vendor creates goodwill by being a participant in the collective response to meeting the needs of the community.

Q: Where is Breadcoin in operation?

A: We are constantly expanding the Breadcoin network in Washington, DC, Portland, Oregon, and soon to be introduced in Tampa, Florida.

Mission Muffins in Washington DC was Breadcoin's pilot location. We are proud that our first vendor is one that already exists to help ensure a better future for the marginalized and is also a growing business gaining rave reviews and retail and wholesale clients.

Q: When and how will Breadcoin expand?

A: We will expand based on recommendations from customers, ensuring that you can use breadcoins to send others to the places that you most want to support. If you’re a business owner, consider being a Breadcoin vendor and participating in the Breadcoin network.