Feeding people…what part will you choose to play?

Members pay for Breadcoins.

Funding the Breadcoin food tokens is critical. For every 100 new Breadcoins monthly donors (members) fund, we can support an additional vendor for the hungry to visit.

With food insecurity and hunger disproportionately present in some neighborhoods, folks from all over can be part of caring for those they may never meet.

Yet this happens within a fabric of care and mutuality, where those in the neighborhood who are building relationships are the ones who distribute the coins that members fund.

Think of all the people you could help feed.

Nonprofit partners distribute Breadcoins.

Nonprofits use Breadcoins to supplement what they’re doing for those they already serve, perhaps the homeless or school-children’s families that commonly can’t make it to the end of the month with plentiful food.

Hungry clients are concerned first with getting a meal before addressing other issues. It’s hard to focus when we’re hungry. Many nonprofits use Breadcoins to feed people as an adjunct service to their primary way of caring for people (generally having no budget for food). Breadcoin is a tool for them, funded by our generous members.

How could you imagine your organization benefitting from Breadcoins to distribute? Whom could you serve better? Email our team to explore how we could help your organization customize its use of Breadcoins.

Vendors accept Breadcoins for payment; we direct deposit the cash value monthly.

Generous vendors who care about more than the bottom line are at the heart of Breadcoin’s mission.

There are multiple incentives, beyond being sure that people are fed, to participation as a Breadcoin vendor. Those include:

  • having an additional customer base
  • promotion by Breadcoin for participating and community care
  • eligibility for microloans to grow the business

Contact us to learn more about your business participating or to introduce us to your favorite vendor.

An all-volunteer team leads Breadcoin and has roles for you too.

Breadcoin is entirely volunteer led. We need your talents and have roles for everyone’s gifts. We can use your energy no matter how much time you can offer.

Our team has backgrounds in law, economics, accounting, nonprofits, business, food production, technology, church and homeless ministries, and community-based change. We are a diverse group working together to link neighborhoods.

We regularly see those who have received Breadcoins become passionate about making sure that others receive them and deciding to join our team. Contact us to see where you can fit in. Some particular current needs are here.

We’d love to have you.

Pastors and church outreach staffs can use Breadcoin to meet needs.

Breadcoin is a tool that will appeal to people of all faiths (and no particular faith). It’s a common sense way for all of us to meet needs and build relationships.

That said, our founders’ motivations for starting Breadcoin come from the particular Christian mandates to love our neighbor as ourselves and to feed those who are hungry.

Breadcoin has resources for pastors and church staffs to link the act of feeding others with the teachings of Jesus. We can accompany or lead you in guiding your people into tangible action and the heart change that comes from loving the poor.

Explore our resources for churches here.


Investors help vendors grow their businesses with low-interest loans that are paid back in Breadcoins.

A unique feature of Breadcoin is our microloan program.

Vendors with whom we’ve established a relationship are eligible to apply for a micro-loan to grow their business. Preference is given to those businesses in parts of the city with less traditional funding and often less restaurants.

Those investors receive their money back with interest, paid in Breadcoins.

This is an ideal vehicle for those who are committed to giving over and over — helping a business grow and then feeding many more people again.

Contact Scott Borger to learn more about this option.

Sharing our story helps feed more people.

Everybody has a sphere of influence. We’d love access to yours if you share our passion for this idea, this tool that is feeding people while deepening community.

Whether you’re a journalist, a blogger, a storyteller or just someone who loves to spread a good idea, we can equip you to tell this story or can send speakers to your group or organization.

To learn more about Breadcoin or to explore hearing from one of our team’s speakers, contact Cary Umhau on our team.

Breadcoin recipients are at the heart of all we do.

We’re fond of saying that today you might need a Breadcoin and next week you might have one to give away. We assume that everyone both receives and gives at different junctures in life, sometimes within a given week or day.

Those who use the coins are at the heart of our mission. They have a choice of where and what to eat. They are treated with dignity and without stigma.

It’s all about the hungry person. If you are hungry, let us know.