Flash Tables

Breadcoin is a way for people to care for each other in a tangible way, making sure that all are fed and treated with dignity. Yet as important as it is to provide a meal, a meal with others is even better.

“Flash tables” are beautifully set tables in unexpected places. They are expressions of neighbor love where everyone is invited to the table. We bring along homemade pies and invite passersby to sit down and be served. Conversations emerge. Connections spark and deepen. Sometimes people make further plans. And sometimes folks end up praying together.

We envision a future state where neighbors are gathered frequently at common tables, where everyone is included, where no one is left out. Powerful things happen at a table.

Join us at a flash table where we can embody welcome and inclusion and plenty of food for all, a reality towards which every Breadcoin transaction takes us closer and closer.