Resources for Children and Families

Cary, one of our team members, wanted to talk directly to kids directly. Here she is.

Kids see things so much more simply than adults, don’t they? They can be our greatest teachers if we slow down to listen to them.

Lots of our Breadcoin members (monthly donors) are families with children. And parents have told us that they are grateful to be able to tell their children, when the children express concern about people being hungry, that their own family is supplying Breadcoins to hungry folks so they can get meals, that they are part of the solution.

There is so much that children can do. Children are involved in ways we want to celebrate and learn from. There are some ideas below. (Thanks, kids.)

Older kids can volunteer for behind-the-scenes work or, even better, to help with food distribution, handing out Breadcoins.

Families have enjoyed neighborhood “Flash Tables” where we serve food and hang out, making the city a little smaller and welcoming everybody who happens by. Post-quarantine, plan to join us!

We wanted to give you some resources to talk further with children about issues of hunger. You parents will know which resources work best for your child’s age and level of sensitivity.

This page is for children and parents. And welcomes your submissions. 

When his neighborhood invited in a Breadcoin vendor for a party, Paul collected money so others could eat. Here’s his story.

What kids can do:

  • Collect money for Breadcoin through bake sales or lemonade stands (and donate it to buy coins for people who are hungry)
  • Talk to other kids and grown-ups about Breadcoin and how everybody can use it to feed others. You can talk through making pictures, writing a letter, recording a short video of you talking or acting out a play about kids helping. You can even take a picture of yourself just holding a Breadcoin so people will say, “What’s that? Tell us more!” Breadcoin can put these pictures on our website or social media. People will learn from you.
  • Older kids, you can become members yourself. $25 month might be a little stretch but maybe siblings can work together and pool allowance or earned money so you can feed people every month.
  • We need interns and volunteers. Teenagers are so welcome. Check with us to see how you can help when you are old enough.
  • Ask at your favorite restaurant if they want to become a Breadcoin vendor (one who accepts Breadcoin as payment). If they’re interested, tell us and our team will take it from there.
  • Tell us your good ideas about how to spread the word about Breadcoin.

Will your family join as a member?