Especially for churches

Breadcoin is a tool for people of all faiths (and no particular faith). It’s a common sense way for all of us to meet needs and build relationships.

Breadcoin’s founders were specifically influenced by the teachings of Jesus that we are to care for the poor and that, in doing so, we fulfill a critical commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

We think about the following:  

  • Acts 6 and the call to designate people to feed those in need
  • Matthew 25 and the mandate to care for those struggling
  • The Kingdom table and the beauty of an earthly table as a foreshadowing of the heavenly banquet table

Pastors and church outreach staffs are expressing appreciation for Breadcoin as a uniquely gospel proposition and using it as a tool in their efforts at leading their people into caring for the poor. 

We will regularly post recommended resources and readings that have informed our own thinking in the creation and structuring of Breadcoin.