Especially for nonprofits

Nonprofits are at the heart of our neighborhood-based system of distributing Breadcoin food tokens to the hungry so that they can get their own choice of food in their local area.

Nonprofits use Breadcoins to supplement what they’re doing for those they already serve, perhaps the homeless or school-children’s families that commonly can’t make it to the end of the month with plentiful food.

Some nonprofits have budgets that include some food for their clients. Many do not.

A hungry client is distracted, unable to focus on the tasks at hand. And a nonprofit that has to focus on feeding people, instead of doing what it exists for, has its energies dissipated.

We’d love to customize the use of Breadcoins to your needs and figure out how we can support your efforts through our neighborhood support teams with a supply of Breadcoins.

How could you imagine your organization benefitting from Breadcoins to distribute? Whom could you serve better? 

Email our team to begin.