Invite Breadcoin to Speak

We love speaking to groups or organizations to spread the Breadcoin story. We believe that our vision of community reponse to the biggest problems of our times is applicable beyond hunger, and we would love to inspire and challenge your audience that they can make a difference. During this pandemic time, we are meeting with groups via Zoom or other online platforms. It’s a good time to gather people and work on our community response to hunger.

Scott Borger, Ph.D., Economist,

Breadcoin Founder, President, and Board Member

Scott Borger loves to talk about Breadcoin and how it brings together the community to address a common challenge. He believes that we can meet each other’s needs regardless of the economic climate, through a network of people that can rely upon each other.

He also enjoys speaking about the microfinance features of Breadcoin that create opportunities for businesses located in low-income communities where credit is often not readily available.

Contact Scott here.

Cary Umhau, Author, Teacher,

Breadcoin Co-Founder and Board Member

Cary Umhau joined Breadcoin in 2016 and began doing, in this context, what she loves most — connecting and bringing people together, and communicating a vision of neighbor-love.

She loves speaking to audiences of all ages, faiths, and perspectives on the art of neighboring and on the joy of life “beyond us and them.”

A big proponent of doing vs. just talking, she loves creating experiences for people to enjoy others, especially at tables, and can inspire your people to “come and see,” engaging people in our cities far beyond the abstractions of social issues.

Contact Cary here.

Pastor William Spence, Pastor of Harvest Life Fellowship, Silver Spring, MD; Board Member

Pastor William powerfully preaches a message of love and care for the poor as well as obedience to God’s call to care for “the least.”

With faithful gospel exposition, he encourages people in their faith.

Contact Pastor William here.