Thank you for Signing Up!

Congratulations! You are now among the group of generous food vendors that are feeding the community through the Breadcoin food token. Over the next few days, you will be:

  1. Welcomed – You will receive a welcome email with some basic information.
  2. Connected – You will be introduced to more Breadcoin team members and added to our website.
  3. Onboarded – You will receive a “Breadcoin Welcome Here” sticker and learn more about how to accept and redeem Breadcoins.
  4. Paid – You will receive a Stripe link to fill out your direct deposit information to ensure your business is paid when you redeem Breadcoins.
If you have questions, please check our Vendor FAQ document or reach out to a Breadcoin team member (or contact us at [email protected]). Thank you again for joining the Breadcoin network. We couldn’t feed the community without you.