Washington, DC

Mama’s Pizza Kitchen is a beloved Ward 8 neighborhood hub at the corner of MLK & V Streets, SE.

“Mama” is Fatima Nayir, and she and her husband Musu Ulusan launched and have run this restaurant since 2012.

A fixture and landmark of the neighborhood, Mama’s does great volume in pizzas, sandwiches, barbecue, and other hearty meals. This spot is particularly critical in an area with relatively few sit-down restaurants. Everybody knows “Mama’s.”

Kramer Middle School has been an active partner in this neighborhood where nonprofits working with the school have used Breadcoins for teacher appreciation, to build relationships with and to encourage kids, and to feed the community.

The DC Dream Center is a fabulous partner in the neighborhood. They have supplies of Breadcoins that folks can ask for during food distribution hours. We’re also working with them and others during this pandemic to bring in truckloads of boxes of food for families in need. (Our social media sources give current information on that.)

We are regularly adding new partners here. This is a neighborhood we love!

As a group of people in a neighborhood has capacity and interest in participating in Breadcoin, our team assesses the viability of moving into that area and facilitates that at the right time.

If you have a particular interest in Anacostia, please do join us and help engage this neighborhood more fully. 

Contact us here to learn more.