Union Station

Washington, DC

Our first vendor was Mission Muffins, which is a workplace development program at the Central Union Mission homeless shelter in northwest Washington, DC. Men in the Mission learn baking and customer service skills.

Mission Muffins piloted the use of Breadcoins and used them to pay back a $20,000 loan they procured from Breadcoin, LLC (through investors we matched up to the need) to purchase a food trailer which enabled retail sales in any weather outside the Mission’s busy Massachusetts Avenue location, greatly expanding capacity and income.

Area organizations including the American Psychological Association have used Breadcoins to meet hunger needs in the neighborhood around nearby Union Station (innovatively giving them to all employees at their annual Christmas party).

Coins are also distributed in this area by Mission partners and visitors, and Breadcoins are quite well known on the streets.

Getting a Breadcoin has become something area folks look forward to.

Listen to a vendor’s perspective from Mission Muffins manager, Tony Casson.

As a group of people in a neighborhood has capacity and interest in participating in Breadcoin, our team assesses the viability of moving into that area and facilitates that at the right time. 

If you have a particular interest in the Union Station area, please join us and help engage this neighborhood more fully.

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