Creating an Economy of Dignity

A Food Token Connecting the Community
Give the Dignity
of Choice with

Give the Dignity of Choice with Breadcoin

Meet the token designed to empower and feed underserved communities.

We create lasting impact by providing food with dignity, supporting local businesses, and resourcing community groups.

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Breadcoin Continues to
Expand into New
Neighborhoods and Cities

The Breadcoin token began to circulate in the Union Station area of DC in 2016 with its first vendor, Mission Muffins. We continue to expand into new neighborhoods and communities each year. Learn more about where we operate.

Where We Operate

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Bringing people around a common table using a community food token.

Purchase coins to create mobile food events. Donate coins to ensure everyone has the dignity of choice. Sign-up participating vendors. Volunteer to serve at pop-up community meals.

Local Vendor

Breadcoin’s participating restaurants care about the community. Most were already giving back before joining Breadcoin. We are proud to partner with these businesses to impact the community and support their bottom line.

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Distribution Partner

Breadcoin operates in a hyperlocal neighborhood around our participating vendors. This ensures that recipients are in proximity to the vendors where they can use the tokens. Our partners provide a point of connection for food-insecure individuals.

Flash Table Events

A Flash Table event is a beautifully set table with tablecloths, linen napkins, plates, and silverware. Everyone from the community is invited to sit at the table and enjoy a meal. Volunteers from local congregations serve the guests and host the tables.

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