Join the Community Response to Hunger

We all want to feed the hungry, but we don't always know where to start.

How Breadcoin Works:

You want to help feed the hungry.

Breadcoin members fund the food tokens that go to teams in neighborhoods where food insecurity and hunger are concentrated.

Breadcoins provide dignity of choice.

Nonprofit partners distribute them to hungry folks through relationships of growing mutuality, linking resources with need.

People choose where and what to eat.

Recipients use Breadcoins at participating vendors just like any other payment method, without stigma, with a value of $2.20 each, for food only. 

Vendors receive cash back for Breadcoins.

Our teams visit vendors to build relationships, thank them, redeem coins, and to hear stories of the hungry being fed through a community response.

Help Us Feed More People

Every new member grows the neighborhood network.