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You can use this section to find answers to common questions about Breadcoin. If you are not able to find the answer, please fill out our contact form above, email us at [email protected] or call/text us at (202) 876-6852. Thank you for your interest in and concern for Breadcoin!

Breadcoin is an innovative idea to meet the needs of the hungry and support local businesses. The community food token is like a community-wide gift certificate accepted at participating locations. Recipients are able to get a warm meal with the dignity of choice and vendors are able to redeem the tokens for cash. The participating food vendors are eligible for microfinance loans. A common payment system is the ultimate social network. It builds bridges in the community because food brings people together.

Breadcoin is more than a meal, it creates hope, builds community, and sustains businesses in underserved areas. It does this by providing value to three groups in the community from the same donated dollar. 1) It provides resources to community groups and churches that are in relationship with those in need. 2) The recipient receiving the coins is able to use it like a gift certificate at participating locations. Each coins has a $2.50 value. 3) The food vendors redeem the tokens for cash. Food vendors are often located in underserved neighborhoods and provide employment locally. The added revenue makes their business more sustainable.

Breadcoin is focused on the hyperlocal areas around our vendor locations. Each neighborhood has local partners that use tokens to meet the community’s needs. We currently operate in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Harrisburg, PA, Prince George’s County, MD, Northern VA, and Tampa, FL.

We plan to grow into new communities across the country as generous donors provide the seed investments for new cities. A potential new area is Nashville, Tennessee.

Vendors are the heart of the Breadcoin network. We provide our participating vendors with an additional source of income, the redemption of tokens cashed out monthly, the promotion of their business in the community, and eligibility for microloans paid back in Breadcoins.

Needs are best met in relationship. A one-time gift can be a life-saver in a time of need, but more often than not when someone needs food, there are other issues that also need addressing. So it’s ideal if food is given in the context of someone who can help with other needs.

We certainly will need to go digital at some point, for ease and for scale. However, our food token was intentionally a weighty physical token to begin with (and will always keep that iteration) because of the beauty of a hand-to-hand gift of food. The very handing-over of it engenders a conversation between two people who might never have otherwise met.

Food and drink are the only things that people can get with their Breadcoins.

Breadcoin provides prepared food, not kitchen staples. The food can be eaten in the vendor’s location (in normal times) or taken away to enjoy at home. Breadcoin also creates the opportunity for mobile community events with food trucks where everyone in the community can be included.

Members‘ (monthly donors’) money goes directly to putting coins into the hands of our neighborhood teams. A $25 donation puts 10 coins into the hands of a team (with a $25 value). Backers’ (multi-year donations) money creates the network that is feeding the community, minting the coin, expanding to new cities, and extending the table through pop-up Flash Table meals. One-time donors’ money goes to feeding people at community events and to general administrative costs.

You can change a neighborhood with $250/month supporting about 30 people being fed. The same donation allows a community group to distribute 100 Breadcoins and a vendor redeems the Breadcoins for cash. You can change a community by supporting a pop-up Flash Table meals for $1,000.  Bring Breadcoin into a new city with a $50,000 donation and change an entire community.