PA Capital Area

Breadcoin launched in
Harrisburg, PA in February 2022.

Breadcoin destigmatizes hunger and bridges divides. The same coin used in Harrisburg is the same coin used in Mechanicsburg. Breadcoin makes sure everyone is included at the table.

Breadcoin is proud to partner with many local organizations and churches throughout the PA Capital area. Breadcoin launched in Harrisburg in 2022 and continues to build support for the token in the community.


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Our Stories

“I love being part of a Breadcoin event. It is a great occasion to feed the community. I love helping out people and that is something that my grandmother always wanted to do. I’m living her dream for her.”

LaKisha Gardin, Owner of Lula Mae's Gardin

“Breadcoin is an outstanding response to the problems of hunger and community cohesion. It’s a very flexible response. I’ve been so impressed with the ability of Breadcoin to work with schools, to work with police, to work with churches, and to work with community organizations to reach out and help address the felt needs of the community.”

Tami Ritsema, Associate Professor at George Washington University

“It’s effortless to us. All we had to do was teach our team how to ring it in and explain what it was as a vendor. It was a way of connecting with people who wanted to help the community.”

Hillary Miko, Farmers Restaurant Group

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