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Breadcoin launched in
Harrisburg, PA in February 2022.

Breadcoin destigmatizes hunger and bridges divides. The same coin used in Harrisburg is the same coin used in Mechanicsburg. Breadcoin makes sure everyone is included at the table. We are proud to partner with many local organizations and churches throughout central Pennsylvania.

With the support of volunteers from the Aligned Works team and key members of the Messiah University community, Breadcoin launched in Harrisburg in 2022. We continue to build support for the token in the community with nearly 20 participating locations in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg.

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Central PA Team
Central PA Team
Aisha Mobley
Aisha MobleyCommunity Engagement Leader
David Vader
David VaderRegional Coordinator
Jonathan Owens
Jonathan OwensCommunications Team Lead
Jane Roberts
Jane RobertsCommunications Team
Sadie McFarland
Sadie McFarlandMarketing Intern (Messiah University)

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