Breadcoin is a network of individuals, food providers and community groups that work together to ensure that everyone is fed and treated with dignity.

A New Way to Give

A common way people use breadcoins is when someone anticipates being asked for money for food on the streets of a city. The person would exchange cash for breadcoins ($2.50 each) ahead of time to be ready to meet that request.
Breadcoins are a free gift to the recipient. Written and pictorial information are included. As you give the coin, you can use the instructions in the small sleeve that holds the coin to both tell a recipient how to use it and point out a vendor location on the map.

Using Breadcoins at Participating Locations

The recipient uses the breadcoins to pay for food at places that accept breadcoins. The recipient can select from the menu for a food item equal to one or more breadcoins. The current value of the breadcoin is $2.20 (including tax).
Breadcoin distribution is not limited to those who are physically hungry. Everybody loves to be treated to food. People can include them in birthday cards, use them in the workplace, or even encourage friends to try new foods or vendors.
Participating Locations

Food Providers Exchange Breadcoins

Participating locations can exchange breadcoins back into cash through a representative assigned to serving them.
Breadcoin Vendors can also use their breadcoins to pay back small business loans
that they are eligible to apply for after exchanging their first 100 breadcoins.
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Give Breadcoins to Nonprofits

Any nonprofits can accept breadcoins as gift-in- kind donations from individuals who purchase them, investors who receive them as returns on their investments, or participating food providers who accept them as a form of payment from their customers.
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