Ivy City/Trinidad

Washington, DC

The cornerstone of our Ivy City precinct is Texas Chicken & Burgers, a New York and Pennsylvania chain with its first location in DC. Offering two hearty pieces of chicken for one Breadcoin, this generous vendor often welcomes students from three Kipp DC schools serving 1000 students on the Webb Campus practically adjacent to them. Kipp is incentivizing student scores, attendance and punctuality with Breadcoins as well as offering them to hungry families. (Watch their creative video about that here.)

Community United Methodist Church is another vibrant partner in this area, using Breadcoins to meet the needs of parishioners and neighbors.

Zion Kitchen is a new vendor in this area. We welcome them and look forward to growing that partnership.

The joy of serving Ivy City/Trinidad is the TRANSFORMATIONAL POWER that’s bubbling up and over as neighbors talk more, connect deeper, and work toward a healthier community where everyone experiences hope. 

William Spence

Neighborhood Captain, Pastor of Harvest Life Fellowship, and Breadcoin Board Member

As a group of people in a neighborhood has capacity and interest in participating in Breadcoin, our team assesses the viability of moving into that area and facilitates that at the right time.

If you have a particular interest in Ivy City and/or Trinidad, please join us and help engage this neighborhood more fully.

Contact us here to learn more.