December 10, 2023

Service Day Food Truck Event in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL To launch Breadcoin in St. Joseph Catholic School’s (SJCS) West Tampa neighborhood last month, Breadcoin Foundation donated food tokens to provide a meal for 350 students and staff during their service day. 832 Breadcoins ($2.50 each) were redeemed by two food trucks valued at $2,080 revenue for the two food vendors.

St. Joseph's Catholic School Assistant Principal Tony handing food to kids at Breadcoin Tampa school event.

Pictured above is SJCS’s Assistant Principal Tony handing off food baskets to students.

During the morning, students and staff were involved in eight different, hands-on projects to benefit and give back to our Tampa community.

As they finished their service projects at eight different time intervals, they enjoyed a variety of food choices – pizza in a cone, chicken strips, hamburger patty melts or bacon mac & cheese. Pizza in a cone was a major hit with students!

Breadcoin Tampa – dignified food choices.