A New Way To Increase Your Sales

You can grow your business and, at the same time, let your customers know that you care about your community. Donors are buying breadcoins and giving them out to hungry people in many communities. By becoming a Breadcoin participating location, you can gain new customers and provide new payment options for existing customers.

Vendor Exchange Value

Food vendors receive $2.20 in exchange for each coin and your representative can exchange the coins at any time. A person that purchases breadcoins online or at participating locations pays $2.50. The difference is the $0.30 administrative fee that is used to mint the coins and pay the costs to expand the Breadcoin movement.

Apply for Small Business Loans

Breadcoin Vendors are eligible to apply for Breadcoin small business loans which help with cash-flow needs, equipment, and expansion. The best part is that the loans can be paid back with the breadcoins you accept every day.
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Become a Breadcoin Vendor

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