Breadcoin Vendors

We are proud to be associated with restaurants feeding the community by accepting Breadcoins given to people by generous nonprofits and others who want to be sure everyone is fed.

We can’t do it without the vendors.

Washington, DC

Ward 8

IHOP (3221)

1523 Alabama Avenue, SE (Congress Heights)


 Mama’s Pizza Kitchen

2028 Martin Luther King, Jr Avenue, SE (Anacostia)


MLK Deli

3113 Martin Luther King JR. Avenue, SE

(Congress Heights)


Open Crumb

1243 Good Hope Road, SE (Anacostia)


Ward 7

America’s Best Wings

2863 Alabama Avenue, SE (Naylor Gardens)


Ward 6


Captain Cookie and the Milkman  

660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE 

(Eastern Market area, with

additional locations and food trucks)

 Langston Bar & Grille

1831 Benning Road, NE (Langston)


Mission Muffins, a workforce development program

of the Central Union Mission

 (65 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Union Station;

open only for online orders and delivery/pick-up currently)


Eastern Market

225 7th Street, SE; (Saturdays; 9 to 4)

Participating vendors:

Number 1 Sons*

(pickles, kombucha, kimchi)

RavenHook Bakehouse*

(cookies, traditional and specialty breads)


Wings N’ More Wings

 1839 Benning Road, NE (Langston)



Ward 5


Captain Cookie & the Milkman 

(in Tastemakers Food Hall, 2800 10th Street, NE, Brookland —

with additional locations and food trucks)


 Dr. Bear Café, Children’s National Hospital

111 Michigan Avenue, NW (Brookland)


Dr. Bear Café Express, Children’s National Hospital

111 Michigan Avenue, NW (Brookland)


GreenIsland Bakery

1369 New York Avenue, NE

(online order/pickup at Union Kitchen)


JD Chicken and Ribs (in Tastemakers Food Hall, 

2800 10th Street, NE, Brookland)


Lula Mae’s Gardin

14th & Rhode Island Ave, NE

(food truck, Saturdays noon to 8, also catering)


OMG Latin Flavors (in Tastemakers Food Hall, 

2800 10th Street, NE, Brookland)


Royal Rooster

1822 Benning Road, NE (Langston)


Texas Chicken & Burgers

1239 Mt. Olivet Road, NE (Trinidad)


Zion Kitchen

1805 Montana Avenue, NE (Ivy City)


Ward 4


BBQ Bus (catering and food truck)

5830 Georgia Ave, NW (Brightwood)


Ledo Pizza

(Catering and phone orders)

7435 Georgia Avenue, NW (Brightwood)


Deset Ethiopian

6128 Georgia Avenue, NW (Brightwood)


J&J Mex Taqueria

6231 Georgia Avenue, NW (Brightwood)


Sandovan Restaurant & Lounge

4809 Georgia Avenue, NW (Petworth)


Soup Up

709 Kennedy Street, NW (Brightwood Park)



Ward 2


Ali’s Hot Dog Stand

Corner of 10th & F Streets, NW (Metro Center)

(Closed during COVID-19)


Captain Cookie & the Milkman

2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW (Foggy Bottom,

with additional locations and food trucks)


Farmers and Distillers

600 Massachusetts Avenue, NW (Chinatown)


Ward 1


IHOP (3332)

3100 14th Street, NW  (Columbia Heights)



Park View Farmers Market

(Sundays, 10 to 2; Check market website as vendors rotate.)

Participating vendors:

Charlie’s Empanadas (Argentinian empanadas)

Just AJ’s* (plant-based hot dogs called “veenies”)

Number 1 Sons* (pickles, kombucha, kimchi)

RavenHook Bakehouse* (cookies, traditional and specialty breads)




DC Farmers Markets

*Farmers Markets are subject to weather

and other conditions, and on any given week

vendors may change unexpectedly.

Check individual vendors’ websites for

additional markets which may include:

Adams Morgan

Columbia Heights


Eastern Market

Monroe Street (Brookland)

Park View Farmers Market

Petworth Market

Takoma Park


DC-Area Caterers

Many of our vendors cater.

To receive information about options for catering, email us.

The following list includes our vendors that are

catering/off-site/food truck only (without walk-in locations):


Blossom Bakery (Non-profit focused on employment)

(Catered or on-site baked goods)


Bread par Avion

(delivery to Capitol Hill, Anacostia, Hillcrest)


Family and Food over Everything

(catering and food truck)


Healthy Life Gourmet

(Clinton, MD based;

call to order for catering and

to determine delivery range)


Lula Mae’s Gardin

Lanham, MD

Brookland (on Saturdays)

Prince George’s County, MD

Lula Mae’s Gardin 

9800 Good Luck Road

Lanham, MD

(Wednesday to Friday, noon to 8)

Baltimore, MD

Crazy John’s 

410 East Baltimore Street (Downtown)


Island Quizine (currently catering only)

8128 Liberty Road (Windsor Mill)


Natural Choice Deli

413 East Baltimore Street (Downtown)


Vikki’s Fells Point Deli

1640 Aliceanna Street (Broadway Market)


Zella’s Pizzeria

1145 Hollins Street  (West Baltimore)