March 15, 2024

Community Building with Food Trucks

In the first 70 days of the year, our Breadcoin Tampa team has attended three Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta events, resulting in 11 new vendors joining our crew! This has been an exciting opportunity for us to connect with people working downtown along with unhoused people who have enjoyed being included in the event by purchasing food with Breadcoin food tokens. 

Many thanks to June Brown, Pam Leifer, and Carl Shuck for securing these partnerships as well as Breadcoin team members who have attended including Michael Pauls, Nicky Pauls, Mike Doyle, Elizabeth Tatum, and Olga Siegenthaler.

Mobile food truck events like these are community building experiences; allowing you to meet your neighbors, empower local businesses, all while ensuring that all members of your community have access to food via Breadcoin.

Is your organization hoping to foster a deeper sense of connection among your neighbors? Consider hosting a mobile food truck event! We have plenty of food vendors who would be happy to help.

Pirate's Ice Food Truck is a new Breadcoin vendor in Tampa!