May 28, 2023

Growing Breadcoin: Finding Our Roots in Central PA

Hunger… a feeling no one wants to feel, yet many still do. Over 10% of Americans or 13.5 million households were food insecure in 2020, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. In our community of central Pennsylvania, one in five households with children struggle with food insecurity, as reported by Shippensburg Produce and Outreach. Yes, there are food stamps, backpack filling ministries, and other avenues. These are all very important ways of supporting food insecure people. Even so, some community members lack access to a kitchen and are still looking for a way to get the relief they need and keep their dignity of choice. 

Enter Breadcoin: physical tokens valued at $2.50 each which can be purchased and distributed to those experiencing this need. Breadcoin users are then able to choose when and where to eat, putting the freedom and dignity back in their hands. When someone pays with a Breadcoin token, that’s all the vendor, or anyone else, knows. Hunger has many faces, so paying with Breadcoin creates an equal and safe way to feed our neighbors with dignity.

Breadcoin started in Washington DC in 2016 with a single vendor, Mission Muffins. Now, Breadcoin is accepted in 95 locations in five states by vendors who are reimbursed in dollars each month. 17 of those food vendors are in our communities of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Lemoyne. Vendors throughout the PA Capital Region offer a wide variety of cuisine options from across the globe. Some of our vendors include Taco Amigos (Tex Mex), Porter’s House (Jamaican), and Isabelle’s Southern Cuisine (Soul Food).  Having such a wide variety allows Breadcoin users to experience food from many cultures. Vendors within our network may also qualify for microloans from Breadcoin that support their business growth. We are hopeful that more vendors will join and more people will donate and subscribe, so more of our neighbors can be fed with dignity.

At Breadcoin, we believe in a common table, where everyone, no matter how diverse or different, and no matter their background, has a seat. 

Want to bring more people to the table? Consider becoming a member or giving corporately through your business. 

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