Living on Breadcoin for a Day Event

Living on Breadcoin for a Day Event



Join us for a “Living on Breadcoin for a Day” event

Saturday, November 14, 2020 — 10 am to 5:30 pm

Come join our Breadcoin team at any or all of these Breadcoin vendors around town as we celebrate the fact of feeding people through the Breadcoin food token and thank the vendors who make it possible. Share with others; the more, the merrier.

Free food, meet neighbors, encourage businesses! (Mostly outside.)

10 to 11 am

J&J Mex-Taqueria

6231 Georgia Avenue, NW, DC

11:30 am to 12:30 pm

OMG Latin Flavors
Captain Cookie and the Milkman

Tastemakers Food Hall — 2800 10th Street, NE, DC

1 to 2 pm

Texas Chicken & Burgers

1239 Mt. Olivet Road, NE, DC

2 to 3 pm

Langston Bar & Grille

Royal Rooster

Wings ‘N More Wings

Corner of 19th St. & Benning Road, NE, DC

3 to 4 pm

Open Crumb

with food also from Mama’s Pizza Kitchen

1243 Good Hope Road, SE, DC

4:30 to 5:30

Captain Cookie and the Milkman

660 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, DC (Eastern Market area)

To learn more about the community food token that enables caring people in a neighborhood to work together to feed people and provide the dignity of choice while supporting local businesses, go to Our members (monthly donors) fund feeding the community.

Faith & Blue Weekend

Faith & Blue Weekend

Something happens when people eat together. And walls fall when people pray together for our police officers. We had a weekend full of both as part of the National Faith & Blue Weekend, October 9-12, which found Breadcoin really engaged in conversations, gatherings, celebrations, and happenings around town.

We loved being part of an event where folks were listening to music together on the corner of Benning Road & 19th Streets, NE last Friday night as outreach officers from the Metropolitan Police Department’s 5th District handed out Breadcoins for folks to use at area restaurants including Royal Rooster, Langston Bar & Grille, and Wings ‘N More Wings in exchange for “spinning the wheel” and answering trivia questions. Police Chief Peter Newsham was in attendance as he made his rounds throughout the city for multiple events as part of that  special weekend. 

We had started the week helping out at the National Law Enforcement Museum, stuffing packets of gifts of health and wellness for unsheltered DC folks, items that were handed out by outreach officers throughout the city.

We gathered with MPD’s 4D, outreach led by Derek Staten, at an event where pastors from Emory Fellowship (Pastor Joe Daniels), Nativity Catholic (Father Pawel Sass) and Harvest Life Fellowship (our own Pastor William Spence) shared words and prayers, celebrating partnerships that are growing beyond normal denominational boundaries, partnerships that include meaningful engagement with Staten’s team on the streets of the Georgia Avenue corridor. Cary Umhau on our team read a passage from her spiritual memoir, Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel, about the role of simply being present to the pain of the world.

Monday midday found us back at the National Law Enforcement Museum and Memorial grounds for what we call a “flash table,” a beautifully set banquet where people can relax, meet each other and eat, in this case a fabulous barbecue lunch from one of our vendors, BBQBusDC. Officers from 1D joined folks from the streets and from churches including Grace Capital City, St. Brendan’s in the City, and Harvest Life Fellowship.

The inaugural Faith & Blue weekend was a chance to take steps, no matter how small, towards one another, beyond the boundaries that we know, feel and that have been so real this summer. A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Or one shared meal.

Summer in the 5th District

Summer in the 5th District

Summer has seen much action with the always-creative and hardworking Outreach Team of the Metropolitan Police Department’s 5th district.

Officers Ishby, Hamilton and others are always looking for new ways to live out the “We are here to help” motto, and Breadcoin has been a significant part of their strategy as they use Breadcoins to feed hungry folks and treat kids who may be out and about without lots of food. They are using Breadcoins at public health and fitness events, giving them directly to homeless residents on the streets, setting up events where they build relationships and answer questions residents may have.

The 5D Outreach Team along with Captain Merrill engaged 52 Carver/Langston residents in a fun trivia game designed to spark conversation as part of the District’s coronavirus response. As a gift, bags of toiletries and food along with Breadcoins were provided as new relationships were built.

At another event 5D’s Outreach Team along with Captain Merrill addressed food insecurities for over 60 residents in PSA 507. Residents enjoyed an opportunity to get a free meal from Breadcoin vendor partner, Royal Rooster, in exchange for answering trivia questions. The Captain was able to answer over 60 questions for residents which led to meaningful conversations.

Officers have gotten food from Captain Cookie and OMG Latin Flavors, also Breadcoin vendors, and fed families and kids with that.

At the heart of Breadcoin are partners like the Washington DC Police Foundation, with officers like these in 5D on the front lines of caring for folks in need.