May 25, 2017

Restorative Giving

Breadcoin is an organization established to return an upside down financial system right side up through the issuance of a giving token. Breadcoin intends to fuse global finance with the character of local barter and usher in a new era of restorative giving that meets people’s needs. It refocuses the foundations of finance toward feeding people and returns basic value to a medium of exchange.

If you believe in a network of people committed to the basic needs of people, to the distribution of daily bread, and to the idea of restorative giving, we ask that you join the Breadcoin movement. Volunteer within the distribution network; sign up donors and vendors within your community; invest in spaces that accept Breadcoin (e.g., food courts, bakeries, or pop-up restaurants); or commit to receiving an automatic allotment of tokens to give to those most in need.

We live in the upside down world of global finance, where interest rates turn negative and central banks purchase corporate bonds and equities, where policymakers concern themselves with global liquidity more than with the daily sustenance of their people, where lower long-term interest rates shift the incentive to save and untether the value of assets. It is a world where the resilience of the economy depends on household consumption. The same households that have been left without a capital cushion. A world where management protects themselves and their bottom line by ensuring their employees’ jobs are not protected. On which side of the line do you stand? Will your community fight for the hungry or the fed?

Photo: Yuri Borovsky