January 12, 2019

Feeding Feds During Shutdown Initiative

Join us in making a difference! Breadcoin Foundation, a DC-based nonprofit, is providing a way for the community to feed unpaid TSA and other government employees and support staff during the shutdown.

Breadcoins are a food token that you purchase and give to someone in need.  They can also be given to nonprofits meeting needs.  In this case, your donation will help make an impact by providing funding to immediately feed and encourage beleaguered government workers, who have just missed their first paycheck.

We are raising $7000 to provide a meal for any TSA or other government employee working without pay.  In conjunction with committed, participating food vendors, your funds will go toward putting enough Breadcoins in the hands of these workers, with about five coins ($2.20 value each) providing a complete meal at the airport.

Government employees can receive food tokens valued under $20 under the governmental ethics guidelines.  We want to thank them for their service and let them know that the public appreciates their work under stressful conditions and without pay.  This is but one example of Breadcoins being used as a tool to link community needs with generous folks wanted to meet those needs.

Thanks in advance for your contributions to this cause that means so much to the team that serves to make Breadcoin happen.