February 19, 2024

King’s Table Event

On Saturday, January 13, 2024, the Breadcoin team and volunteers who came to us through our partnership with Hunger Free America hosted King’s Table events in three of our four Breadcoin cities. During these events, the teams were able to distribute coins and gather the community together around food. The day was an incredible success with a special thanks to the vendors that fed the community. With six vendors at Lexington Market participating and the three other vendor locations, Breadcoin was able to demonstrate how local food entrepreneurs can address local food challenges.

Pictures of volunteers at the four locations of the King's Table event in DC, Baltimore, and Harrisburg, PA.

Pictured above are many of the volunteers that came out to serve more than 650 meals across the four locations. Breadcoin team members in attendance were not pictured (because our leaders are often taking the pictures) included William Spence, Cary Umhau, Julia Irving, David Vader, Robaer Washington, Wanda Spence, Michael Pauls, Nicky Pauls, and Ken Stein.