March 14, 2024

Breadcoins as Employee Benefit

Long-time supporter of Breadcoin, Wilfred Blood, has innovated a way to support his employees by means of Breadcoin: providing tokens as an employee benefit.

Wilfred Blood is the CEO of SecTek Inc., a private security company based in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. He developed this idea over a shared meal with Breadcoin founders Scott Borger and Cary Umhau. By providing SecTek employees with Breadcoins, this program is empowering the very community that SecTek works to protect. 

Corporations can replicate this “Breadcoin Employee Benefit” model as a means to give back to their community in a way that empowers local entrepreneurs and keeps money in the local economy. These intentional investments in economic growth raise the standard of living in the very communities that employees may be inhabiting. 

Screenshot of LinkedIn post

Image of Wilfred Blood’s Linkedin post explaining excitement about new Breadcoin partnership.

Wilfred Blood shared his excitement about our partnership on Linkedin:

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