March 6, 2020

More about Mama’s

Mama’s has some of the best food in the city. However, pizza is the reason why Mama’s is one of the top Breadcoin vendors across the country. Many of Breadcoin’s partners (coaches, teachers, after-school organizations, and non-profit leaders) have mentioned the fact that they often need to feed their kids to do the mentoring or teaching that they want to do. But many of these organizations don’t have a food budget. Breadcoin is able to distribute Breadcoins through local partners and they are able to use them to feed kids from food-insecure households. It is a great partnership. We are all blessed to have vendors like Mama’s Pizza Kitchen in Southeast DC.

We love this radio story from several years ago about our vendor Mama’s Pizza Kitchen. Listen in to Rebecca Sheir of WAMU. Here’s a snippet:

Musa and Fatima have been in business in Anacostia since 2012. Here at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and V Street SE, they serve up fresh pizza, lasagna, sandwiches, wings and barbecue, for take-out, delivery or dining in.

“Mama does everything from scratch,” Musa explains. “It’s just like at home, I’m telling you.”

Read or listen to full story here:


Picture of Mama in front of Mama's Pizza Kitchen.