March 21, 2020

Breadcoin Microloans

Investors help vendors grow their businesses with low-interest loans that are paid back in Breadcoins.

A unique feature of Breadcoin is our microloan program. We match investors with needs and desires that our vendors have to grow their businesses.

Vendors with whom we’ve established a relationship are eligible to apply for these micro loans. Preference is given to businesses in low-income areas where food choices are often more limited; that is where we are focused anyway. We also appreciate being able to create opportunities for those who would find traditional avenues for lending inaccessible or burdensome.

Our Breadcoin investors receive their money back with interest, paid in Breadcoins. This is an ideal scenario for those who are committed to giving over and over — helping a business grow and then feeding many more people with the returns on that investment.

Contact Scott Borger to learn more about this loan program.