July 27, 2021

Announcing a New DC Vendor: Mama Ross’ Kitchen and Catering

Breadcoin Foundation, Ltd. welcomes Mama Ross’ Kitchen and Catering, a new vendor operating in SE DC by delivery, special events, catering and sometimes even streetside.

Felicia Ross is the owner/operator of this generous business, providing “GreatGrandma’s, Grandma’s, Momma’s and Auntie’s best kept secrets with a twist.”

Mama Ross was established in 2016 though, she says, “the great food was created in the early 90’s where I come from a deeply rooted family (that taught her to cook), a family that extends from Reading, Pennsylvania to Tappahannock, Virginia to the Southern parts of South Carolina.”

Mac and cheese is their best seller, but the fried fish, chicken, barbeque are stellar too.

Felicia Ross says, “I don’t know what my mother was doing in that kitchen but it sure rubbed off on me!! I can’t take no credit for my God-given abilities but what I will do is use them to put something on their stomachs and their minds!” Amen to that.

One of their mottos is “Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself,” so that says it all… try this good food.