March 14, 2024

Breadcoin in Academia

Inadequate access to food leaves students feeling unenergized and distracted – ultimately hindering academic performance. Some students may be forced to work longer hours to meet their basic needs in addition to fulfilling their academic responsibilities. In fall 2022, “more than 14% of Penn State students reported that within the past 30 days they did not eat for an entire day due to inability to afford food” (Penn State Student Affairs).

Breadcoin PA Community Leader Aisha Mobley is doing something about it. 

Gaining inspiration from the Pennsylvania Hunger-Free Campus Initiative, Aisha approached Harrisburg University in an effort to introduce Breadcoin to their campus.

            Aisha Mobley poses with Harrisburg University staff at Black history month programming.           Harrisburg University students enjoy Isabelle's Southern Cuisine food (a Breadcoin vendor in PA).

Harrisburg University (HU) was receptive! In February, the HU Office of Student Life partnered with Breadcoin during their Black History Month programming. They hosted Isabelle’s Southern Cuisine – a black-owned Breadcoin vendor – and provided students the opportunity to purchase food via Breadcoin tokens.

This campus movement isn’t limited to Harrisburg. Breadcoin has been partnering with a Howard University to provide Breadcoins to a clinical research program for the treatment of opioid users located in Ward 8.

Won’t you partner with us to transform food insecurity issues on college campuses? If you have connections at college campuses in the DC, Baltimore, Central PA, and Tampa regions, please let us know! We are excited to continue spreading the Breadcoin economy and mission to college students across the nation.